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  • How can I submit a question to be answered here?
    Please send your question to with faq in the subject, we will reply and answer your question as well as post it here for others who have the same question. Questions should be about Bracer Systems Inc, and our services, or the IT industry in general.
  • What's the best way to quickly get ahold of a technician?
    During and after hours, the best and most immediate way to get ahold of a technician is to call our main number 587-400-9573, after hours this number will allow you to select an emergency after hours responce or to leave a message for next business day call back. You can also send us an email to someone will always respond to you within 15-30 minutes during business hours.
  • What does Vendor Agnostic mean?
    It means that we don't prefer one technology vendor over another when it comes to building solutions for our clients. We can work with anyone to build just the right solution to meet a project requirement or client's needs. Dell, HP, Lenovo, Ubiquiti, Csico which ever brand works out best for our clients based on their requirements and project goals.
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