July 28, 2020

Small businesses are just as vulnerable to cyber threats as large conglomerates. Many new entrepreneurs assume that obscurity means the ideal protection—seeing as the business is small, becoming a target for hackers may seem impossible. Unfortunately, this concept is a...

September 24, 2018

How does your business track client requests? There are so many ways to do this; an excel spreadsheet, a to-do list, project manager, or your email are a few.  Our preference; customer support software, namely a Ticket System. These are made specifically for tracking c...

August 28, 2018

When clients are submitting issues for us to look at, what they communicate to us can make the difference between something being fixed in 5-10 minutes, or taking much longer.  It's good to have an understanding of how IT HelpDesk Services prioritize work, and what inf...

August 21, 2018

I wish I had a nickle for every time someone has asked, "You don't trust me?" after I've told them I've restricted their access to only what they need to do their job. Each time I've explained, "it's not about trusting you...". "It has more to do with risk assessment,...

August 14, 2018

When ever I speak to clients about their passwords, they always groan about the number of passwords they have to remember these days. They tell me that even th

August 10, 2018

People often ask me, "why managed services?" Why not just pay for the service we need, as we need it? Here's why...

In the IT industry there are two business models. Break/Fix and Managed Services. The break/fix model is simple; when something breaks, you call in the co...

August 7, 2018

Let me paint a picture for you...

Your business is humming along and all of a sudden your server crashes. You no longer have access to your information, and can no longer respond to customer requests. You're taking messages and will get back to clients once it's fixed;...

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