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Customer Support Software. Stepping Up Your Customer Service Game.

How does your business track client requests? There are so many ways to do this; an excel spreadsheet, a to-do list, project manager, or your email are a few. Our preference; customer support software, namely a Ticket System. These are made specifically for tracking client requests, to ensure they will be managed in the fastest and most efficient way possible, virtually eliminating any issues falling through the cracks. These systems are built to enable stellar customer service in your business.

At Bracer Systems we rely on Fresh Desk, we couldn't do what we do without it. It manages our workflow and tracks all of the data that is used to resolve our client support requests. Fresh Desk ensures our clients are kept up to date when we work on their issues, with e-mail updates, and also provides them with a portal they can log into to follow the status of their requests, even across their entire company. Our favorite feature is the dashboard, which allows us to keep up to date on all the progress being made on all of our tickets.

Ticket Systems, such as Fresh Desk, provide you with the ability organize customer requests from multiple channels, (E-mail, Calls, Facebook, and Twitter to name a few), create support tickets, assign them to agents to be actioned, and then store progress in the form of notes, e-mails and attachments, time spent, pictures and any other documentation. Most have knowledge management capabilities; you can write instructions on common procedures and easily add them to the ticket for your customer to follow.

Customer Support Software also allows your employees to collaborate on client issues and specific jobs. Groups of agents are able to work on the same ticket and share the same data. Ticket Systems can be organized into departments and tickets can flow from one department to another in your workflow. If one agent is sick, your other agents have access to all the data regarding any of the client requests that agent was working on and can easily follow up on their behalf.

Ticket Systems will also track customer service performance metrics which you can use to help run your business. What if you could look at a Dashboard and instantly know how many customer requests your company had open? How many are in progress? How many are on hold? How many are overdue? On average, how long does it take to resolve your client requests? How satisfied was the client with your resolution process? These are all questions a good ticket system can help you answer on a day to day basis.

How are you tracking your client interactions? Customer Support Software is not limited to IT Services, it is beneficial in any and all aspects of business. For more information on Customer Support Software, such as Fresh Desk, and how they can improve your business. Please get in touch @ 587-400-9573 or

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