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3 Devastating Cyber Threats Small Businesses Currently Face

Small businesses are just as vulnerable to cyber threats as large conglomerates. Many new entrepreneurs assume that obscurity means the ideal protection—seeing as the business is small, becoming a target for hackers may seem impossible. Unfortunately, this concept is a far cry from reality. As we progress further into the digital age, attackers find more ways to target thousands of businesses at once. With new technologies by their side, the less stringent defenses used by small businesses can quickly be breached by hackers, making them more vulnerable than bigger companies. Once this happens, hackers can quickly retrieve personal information and other valuable data which could be devastating for small businesses. With all the possible threats in mind, it’s important to be aware of such instances and ways to stop them.

Here are some of the top security threats small businesses face every day:

Threat #1: Phishing Phishing attacks are the most damaging and widespread forms of cyber threats; these especially plague small businesses. The main strength of phishing attacks lies in the hackers’ convincing methods of looking like legitimate business contacts. Business emails, for instance, are the main methods for phishing campaigns. They mimic expected emails and use such to request payments and other sensitive information, which leads to the attacks. This is accomplished through malicious links; users are enticed to either access, by using their credentials, or download malicious files. Once completed, the attacker gains access to sensitive information.

Threat #2: Malware Apart from phishing, small businesses can also fall prey to malware. This encompasses a variety of threats, which include viruses and trojans. Hackers use these to steal data, destroy information, and even gain access to networks. Small businesses can be breached by malware attacks through suspicious downloads, connecting to infected devices, and even spam emails.

Malware attacks are damaging for small businesses as they damage important devices, such as computers. Most attacks result in equipment needing replacement and repair, which can be quite costly. Customers and employees are also put into risk, as hackers gain access to sensitive data that can be used for further threats.

Threat #3: Ransomware Another common cyber threat is ransomware. They grow ever more common, especially with the world adapting to more digital-heavy operating systems. Ransomware happens via data encryption, which renders the latter inaccessible by the company. As the name suggests, companies are then asked for a ransom to regain access to their data.

While the threat seems straightforward enough, ransomware comes with demands of large sums of money, which can hurt small businesses. Hackers are aware that small businesses are likely to pay ransom money rather than big companies, as data is often not backed up and deemed invaluable.

The Bottom Line Running a small business is never easy. Entrepreneurs run the business end-to-end and the road to success seems elusive. As a business owner, your days are likely filled with unending tasks which consume most of your time and resources. With so much on your plate, the idea of falling victim to cyber threats may be the last thing on your mind. You’re a small business—who could ever be targeting you? Unfortunately, small businesses have now become a hacker’s favorite target. By knowing which threats to watch out for, you can now protect your business from unwanted setbacks and detrimental outcomes. To ensure that your business remains protected, call on the professionals. Bracer Systems offers you end-to-end IT solutions, a best fit for small businesses like yours. We take pride in our service, which is always transparent and trustworthy. Grow your business by allowing us to protect it. Contact our team of specialists now for more information!


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