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4 Ways Cloud PBX Can Improve Your Business Operations

Like traditional private branch exchange (PBX) systems, Cloud PBX is a business communication solution that allows employees to receive calls from both inside and outside their company network without using a public telephone line.

Instead of being billed for every call, Cloud PBX services only charges for calls made outside the company network. Because the calls are made using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the cost incurred for such calls is vastly cheaper than what traditional long-distance calls may have in the past! As such, this kind of PBX service is exponentially gaining popularity in the business world—and with amazing benefits to its users, too!

To emphasize just how effective they are, here are four ways in which it can enhance your business operations even further:

It saves on costs

As mentioned above, Cloud PBX allows you to contact people around the world through VoIP technology, which is several times cheaper than traditional long-distance calls. Whereas such calls had varying rates depending on the location and time—night rates were often cheaper—international VoIP calls bundled with Cloud PBX are billed by the second!

Aside from that, because there are little-to-no physical connections required, Cloud PBX does away with the costs of hardware purchases and installation. These were actually an excessive added cost for businesses in the old days, and why adding landline phones were an investment that had to be run with multiple checks with budgeting!

These, in totality, make it an increasingly cost-effective solution for businesses to utilize!

It offers easy scalability

Before Cloud PBX and VoIP went into widespread use, calls were made through physical copper lines that ran into a central rack! As such, scaling up meant having a technician install new physical lines that usually involved business interruptions. The same thing happens if you need to scale down, which leads to spending more of the resources you were trying to save!

In contrast, upgrading your bandwidth with Cloud PBX solutions is as easy as adding a few more users to your network. Apart from acquiring additional computer systems, upgrades are done by an administrator through an online portal.

On the other hand, if you want to scale down and save some more resources, most Cloud PBX solutions offer a monthly subscription fee that you can change anytime—resulting in a seamless process!

It enables remote work

Because your calls are now carried over by internet connections and not confined to dedicated physical copper wires, you can work wherever there is a stable internet connection. This mobility is why many companies were able to stay connected and operational, even as the COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to shutter down!

Cloud PBX and VoIP also changed how most companies view growth. Whereas the traditional approach was to hire locally, many fully remote companies now have employees all over the world—hiring wherever good talent was available!

It has a lot of extra features

VoIP is a powerful technology by itself, but the extra features that Cloud PBX systems offer make it a very attractive option for businesses! Cloud PBX services pack useful features, such as automated routing, call recording, voicemail, location switching, video m

eetings, webinars, and much more!

These added functionalities have become indispensable for many companies, which makes the decision of switching from the traditional telephone to Cloud PBX solutions a no-brainer.


It’s no longer an exaggeration to say that Cloud PBX services are a must-have for businesses today. If you are to plan for sustainable growth, having a reliable Cloud PBX service for your communication purposes should be one of your priorities!

Are you looking for a renowned provider of Cloud PBX solutions for your business? Bracer Systems provides enterprise-quality IT service solutions to small and medium businesses in Alberta, Canada. Our services include co-managed IT services, Cloud PBX services, and business continuity solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

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