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3 Ways Managed Services Providers Can Reduce Downtime

In the world we live in, people expect instant results. Any delay will only leave them more and more frustrated—and for companies, this is something they never want their customers to feel.

As such, if you are running a server, ensuring that it is running 24/7 is vital to keep your audience happy. But how can you do that? What can you do to reduce downtime to near zero to ensure your server's up and running at all times?

While keeping it up permanently is impossible, there is something you can do to reduce downtime significantly—and that is to work with managed services providers. Here's how managed services providers can reduce your downtime to near zero:

1. Data backups

Every professional managed services provider knows that they can never ever rely on a server to be free from any risks. As such, implementing strategies like data backups is a must, especially when so many things can go wrong when you least expect it! Anything from cyberattacks, hardware failure, and even human error can cause a server to lose performance or even completely stop working—and when this happens, downtimes occur.

For many companies, downtime is a loss of money, and the longer a server is down, the more money is lost. Managed services providers invest plenty of money into cloud technologies, ensuring that activities like backups and disaster recovery can be done on the fly. This means that working with managed services providers can help you gain access to these technologies that can ensure your company's server uptime.

2. Proactive assistance

Long gone are the days of the mindset of fixing things when they are broken. Now, “fixing” things before problems even occur is the name of the game—and only the best managed services providers know this!

Preventive maintenance and proactive support are just some of the things that these providers can offer, thus ensuring that a company's servers can remain running without fault for as long as possible. Even then, if problems were to occur, a managed services provider's monitoring efforts will catch these problems as early as possible—sometimes even before they even start! This allows them to tackle the problem before it gets worse right away, and for your company, this means a server that barely ever faces downtime.

3. Cloud-hosted services

Back then, a job typically revolved around arriving at the offices to do some work. Now, work can be done essentially anywhere, as long as a secure and stable connection was established.

Managed services providers offer various cloud-hosted services to allow their clients to work anywhere, from an office environment to even a coffee shop. For your company, this means that your workers can continue working wherever they are, and even if the offices become unavailable, work can still be done to push the business forward! This ensures minimal disruption to the business, and when things need to be done, they can be done right away.


These are the reasons managed services providers are so essential in helping your business reduce downtime. Any type of downtime, be it from your website to even your business activities, all can become costly issues racking up to thousands of dollars every year. With an MSP behind your back, you can be sure that all your business processes can proceed without much issue. You can sit back and do your job with peace of mind knowing that downtime is a problem that is being fought back by experts, keeping your business up and running, generating revenue and achieving success.

Bracer Systems Inc. is an IT service provider offering specialized enterprise-quality IT services to small and medium-sized businesses. If you are looking for managed IT services in Alberta to reduce your service downtime, work with us today!

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