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4 Myths About Managed IT Service Providers Debunked

Many people rely on managed IT service providers, also known as MSPs, to provide for all their technological needs. It ensures that whatever IT functions the company may require, the service providers can develop a solution that meets requirements. Unfortunately, myths have spawned around such services, causing people to work with an MSP with unrealistic expectations.

To ensure that you are fully aware of what you are getting into when outsourcing your IT needs to MSPs, we will expose a few myths to reveal the truth.

Myth 1. All MSPs are the same

Just like how you are faced with unique competitors, so will the MSP you are considering. While they all work towards the same goal, they offer different skills, services, and more that makes their offerings unique.

For that reason, it pays to take the time to research an MSP thoroughly before working with them. Everything from checking out their past projects to having face-to-face meetings is some of the things you can do to learn more about what they have to offer. Also, comparing different MSPs against one another will help you identify which MSP can satisfy your needs.

Myth 2. MSPs are too costly to be worth it

When looking at the cost, it may seem a little too expensive to be worth it at times. However, these costs are worth it if you have yet to train in-house IT staff and build the appropriate infrastructure. Everything from hiring, managing, and training and investing in new technologies can be significantly much more expensive if you do so on your own rather than work with an MSP. In other words, MSPs save you money and energy and ensure you get the right technological solutions.

Myth 3. Only technology can lead to success

While technology plays a massive role in success, it is not the only factor. Just because you have the best tech does not mean you will automatically succeed. It needs to be well-thought-out and deployed properly to be used effectively. Plus, technology is really only there to support your core business, and if the core itself is not good, technology can only do so much to make things better.

Myth 4. Small businesses cannot benefit from MSP

MSPs might seem like a big-company-only kind of solution. However, small companies can gain plenty of benefits from working with MSPs. With a monthly payment, they can access experts who can satisfy their IT needs, including upgrades to the latest tech to support their business. This is vastly cheaper than having to hire and train IT talents, let alone invest in infrastructure.


There are various other myths you may have heard about that we have not listed here. For instance, some claim that MSPs can replace an IT department or that company data is at risk with an MSP. Both, along with all the myths above, are false! All in all, MSPs can help you identify your technological needs. With your own IT team's help, they can develop solutions that will improve efficiency, effectiveness, and overall productivity in your operations. Just remember to take the time to compare various MSPs to ensure you pick the right team to work with!

Bracer is an IT firm specializing in enterprise-level IT service solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. If you require quality managed IT services in Alberta, reach out to us today!


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