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4 IT Service Solutions Every Small Business Needs

In this day and age, every successful business is guaranteed to have its own technology-based division capable of managing and keeping your business running like clockwork. This is where IT service solutions come in and play an essential role in running your company. Without IT services or an IT department, you’ll have a hard time keeping up with your competitors and even your customers’ demands, especially when something goes wrong, and you have no experience troubleshooting your system or your network issues.

IT experts make sure that the tools and the system you use to run your business are working in order and without any issues. While there are thousands of tools out there being used by various organizations, there are some that are considered the bare minimum to make sure your business operates smoothly. These are some of the best and most accessible IT tools that can help your business run more efficiently and securely.

Cloud Storage

Perhaps one of the most in-demand IT-related services right now is the use of cloud storage and other cloud-based services. Cloud storage basically just means you have the ability to store your files outside your own computer and in a place called the “cloud.” This can be accessed anytime and anywhere you are, regardless of what computer you’re using, given you have the right credentials to access it. You don’t have to worry about switching to a different machine and not having access to your data.

Cloud storage eliminates all that and relies solely on the cloud as a centralized platform that anyone in your organization can access. In addition, you get the protection of your cloud service provider’s security system, which makes your data more secure.

Network Security

Protecting and securing your data has become much more important now. You need to invest in the right network security provider to protect your business’s files, your customers’ financial information, and your business reputation. Network security mainly protects all your data, but it’s also an excellent way to protect your business’s good name and your customers’ loyalty. Antivirus and anti-malware software are some of the basic tools you can use, but there are always more sophisticated tools that provide a higher level of security. Make sure to look into this and use them to your advantage.

Communication Apps

Now that remote work has become all the more important, communication apps have become even more of a central part of business operations. Apps like RingCentral, Slack, or Microsoft Teams are just some of the most recognizable programs out there designed for team communication and collaboration. Also, Zoom and Google Meet are examples of IT service solutions for videoconferencing and conducting virtual meetings that are crucial to remote-based teams and outsourced firms.

CRM Software

Managing customer transactions and your interactions with them can be quite a challenge without a dedicated system designed just for that purpose. This is where customer relations management (CRM) software can come in handy let you do all the work in an organized and easy-to-use platform. A CRM's value is much more than simply maintaining a customer list for contact tracking. These services also track every interaction your staff has with any given customer and provide a means of measuring those touchpoints.


In a world where everything is digitized and done online, tools such as those mentioned above are crucial for the continued success and growth of small businesses. Without these IT service solutions, businesses won’t function as efficiently and effectively as they are today.

Bracer specializes in bringing enterprise-quality IT service solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. We take pride in providing managed IT services while remaining vendor agnostic, transparent, and trustworthy specialists. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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