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4 Myths You Have Probably Heard About Cloud Hosted PBX Systems

As a small business owner, there are many changes that you will have to adjust to as your business grows. These are some of the growing pains that a business has to endure. One of these changes may come in the form of having to shift to an entirely new communication platform to accommodate the growth of your operations.

There may be many negative things you may have heard about the new cloud hosted PBX system you will be shifting to. However, it pays to get to know the system before developing a prejudice against it. Many business owners are unaware that they are worrying for nothing—and most of the time, the benefits of shifting to a cloud hosted PBX system will far outweigh the concerns.

Myths You Have Probably Heard About Cloud Hosted PBX Systems

While shifting to a totally new system, you may feel hesitant and apprehensive to change. Along the way, you may have heard some untrue bits of information about the cloud hosted PBX system you are going to shift to. It pays to be informed about these things to be better prepared to make the shift. Here are a few of the myths you may have already heard about your cloud hosted PBX system and the truth behind them:

1 - It’s Extremely Expensive

Many people have the assumption that cloud hosted PBX systems are extremely pricey. While it is true that a business owner will have to pay an initial amount to get the system, they often benefit from significant savings in terms of both time and money, making the change a wise one.

2 - It Causes Unstable Voice and Video Calls

Many communication systems may suffer from choppy calls once in a while. However, most of the time, the calls will be stable and clear. If this is something that you want to avoid as a business owner, you may up the broadband speed that you are using to ensure the best video and audio quality.

3 - It’s Not Secure

There is a lot of data that will support the fact that cloud hosted PBX systems are mostly unbreachable. Since this is not new technology by a long shot, there have been various improvements on the standard security and protocols that govern these systems. These improvements have ensured that the information that is put into these cloud hosted PBX systems will not be able to escape by breaching the system.

4 - It’s Unsuitable for Small Businesses

Since small- to medium-sized businesses do not yet have enough capital to create their own custom-based machines capable of what cloud hosted PBX systems are, these companies will stand to benefit the most from these systems.


It may be understandable to be a little anxious about making a change as big as this. However, it is also crucial to take time to better understand the system you are migrating to. This way you will be able to avoid believing in myths that will have you worry about the transition for nothing.

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