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Optimizing Telephony: Businesses That Use PBX Phone Systems

Businesses must embrace innovation if they want to keep up with consumer demands and market trends. This is why workplaces are adapting to the needs of digital transformation. For example, business websites have better on-page optimization, and digital workspaces create more seamless sharing and collaboration on company output.

In the most basic sense, improving your software and hardware gives you a strategic advantage over your competitor. The better you can perform similar tasks within a shorter time frame, the more profit you will generate for your revenue. One requirement for businesses to streamline sales funnels and maximize efficiency is Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems.

What is a PBX phone system?

PBX phone systems are specialized networks for switching calls and sharing multiple telephone lines. Although its primary purpose is to cut telephony costs, it also provides various benefits to a business's telecommunications. It can utilize Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology, provide customizable voicemail, and other automated functions to streamline your sales funnel. These features are effective to all establishments, but some industries can substantially gain a competitive advantage as a service provider.

If you belong to any of these three business sectors, you should consider getting a PBX phone system:

1. E-commerce establishments

Ecommerce is one of the few sectors gaining a lot of traction in light of recent worldwide phenomenon. Because of the dangers and risks of operating brick-and-mortar shops, business owners shifting their prioritization to online platforms was the best way to mitigate losses. The increased demand for remote interactions with these establishments will naturally lead to higher customer queues. A PBX phone system can connect your customers with an autoresponder to provide immediate contact to your potential leads to solving this dilemma.

2. Family businesses

Running a local business doesn't mean that you no longer need a capable telephony system. Although most family businesses start small, it still has the potential of scalability over time. Through VoIP technology, investing in a PBX system gives you the flexibility of expanding your capacity to handle calls through more phone lines. This provides less wait time on your customer service queues and saves you the added expense of multiple landlines in your office.

Since you're using a VoIP number, your business's continuity doesn't have to change local numbers. It's an effective solution even if you move to another location or purchase another branch for your business. This feature saves you plenty of trouble in updating regional numbers to specific customer demographics, allowing you to minimize any major updates to your company websites and business profiles.

3. Tourism and hospitality businesses

Seasonal businesses like those in the tourism and hospitality sectors have peak seasons where customer engagement will be higher in some months. This is because reservations on ideal travel destinations and hotel bookings will become difficult to come by overtime. Although your sales margins achieve high peaks during this time, it also puts your teams at risk of burning out from the high volume of phone calls. Thankfully, a PBX phone system will enable you to coordinate with your different teams through an auto-responding feature to lessen your sales funnel's extra steps. This allows less time on-call with prospective clients while giving more time to accommodate more customer queries.


Having a PBX phone system is generally an advantageous commitment, regardless of your industry. Since consumers have higher expectations of fast and efficient telecommunications, having the variability to provide versatile telephony solutions will benefit your team and sales figures.

At Bracer Systems Inc., we specialize in providing SMEs with enterprise-quality IT solutions. If you need your business to upgrade with Cloud PBX services in Canada, contact us now at 587-400-9573.


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